Hello world!

Welcome to The Kitchen Skink! Here there be skinks and kitchens or both or neither. Here there be dragons, or skinks who wanna be dragons or dragon links or drag (gender cosplay) or drag (smoke stuff) or drag (races) or drag races or race trading (info), race traitoring (a how to and please do guide) or politics or not politics. Stuffed animals. Dirty dishes, dirty laundry, dirty politics, dirty tricks, a dirty shame, dirty dog double dare you, dirty limericks, dirty jokes. Stuff that’s fit for all, fit for public consumption but never one size fits all or made to fit. Off the charts but never off the rack.


all that and a bag of chips. Everything but/and/including the kitchen sink. The Kitchen Skink. The Kitche ‘N Skink. the kitch ensk ink. the kitche n SKI n, okay?

Skink’s away!

Brand Names?

BTW I have a brand of a gecko on my back I think I’m going to start saying its a skink. What’s the difference between a gecko and a skink?

Skinks at Large?

And oregon outing for fat girls and other skinks. To the reptile fair.

Am totally down with planning different groups to go with me to the reptile fair (maybe plan the day there and plan nearby “meetings/meetups”) including but not limited to:

skinks and skanks (strippers and professionals who love and work with animals and reptiles)

clockwork skinksters: steampunk cosplayers to meet up and also look for inspiration for art/artists and/or do a time travelers outting ie victorian’s collectively stroll through the reptile fair

ooo also OMG a dr who larp/murder mystery style event at a public event very mashup of fanfic elements (dr who) and murder mystery game (involves finding clues and asking people things… can leave clues at tables/vendors and even incorporate venders into the imaginary storyline… give people the random assignments of “companion, victim, daleck, cyberman, have a secret, save the day, in a relationship with, work for, have seen, alien in ┬áhiding, capt jack’s greatgrand child, capt jack’s spurned fiance, capt jack’s sworn enemy, an actual doctor you must repeatedly challenge this POPPYCOCK, slyveen… can you make the transaction and get out before

doctor who… reboot card allows you to send one person back in the past to retry… two people agree become one (the companions) which means everyone else goes back one hour and redoes what they already did and if they see the companions the fail… or redo it but without going to same places being seen by selves etc… give them the “time line”: a calendar that says where they were when.

too complicated… simplify… maybe just scavenger hunt with clues and conclusions… no real brain work required just mannerisms, etc.


crazy 88

kids play… grandkids lions and tigers and snakes Oh MY! little munch, outing… little skinks of all ages. Coloring pages, lunch and explore (cosplay should be public sensitive and little friendly. No spanking. No temper tantrums. PDAs and public protocols please refer to the little skinks code/conduct of behavior (if you cannot conform, you will be asked to leave; no refunds given


Also could do kids writing workshop NO CROSSOVER between events… must be timed and placed to where they do not overlap. Can however reuse materials and even the “tour” given just cannot have biological and psychological littles intersect so that adult communities and professional writing kidswrites communities are not put at risk to indulge adult fetishists. Protections for the “real” kids first. And why sabotage my own professional working relationships, business plan for things I don’t even necessarily get or like? The sex aspect creeps me out entirely personally. The finding other grownup who want silly nonsexual child play like build a bear workshops etc totally cool.

zoo etc.

monthly outtings? adults do the after darks, after 7pm and thus are kept away from the grandbaby… the real kid workshops plan as afterschool events or no-school days as places parents drop kids and actually hire assistance or demand that an appropriate adult be present.)